Kayleigh Ann Writing

Hello, I’m Kayleigh, a nature lover, conservationist, campaigner and writer. Thank you for visiting my site! Here you will find both poetry and prose, celebrating the natural world and standing up against injustices done to it.

To access my posts, go to the menu above on the right. There you will find several categories to make browsing easier. I write blogs for the Sea Watch Foundation, and I also occasionally write articles for magazines, these are organised in relevant categories, as are my own blogs and poems. Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu below to search by month.

I have two Facebook pages linked to this blog, one is called Verdant Voices which I use to post about the wonders and beauty of nature, the other is Against Captivity which focuses on the exploitation of species, mainly cetaceans, that are captured and held in unnatural facilities. I also have Twitter and Instagram accounts. Please feel free to follow any or all of these!